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3 Best Turkish Breakfasts in Istanbul

When it comes to brekkie, the Turks just do it better. From an assortment of olives, pepper paste and tapenade to honey, cream, jam and cheese – plus the hot-off-the-stove egg dishes like menemen or scrambled eggs with sausage and fresh-baked local breads – get ready to stuff yourself silly with our list of the best Turkish breakfasts in Istanbul.

Limon Cihangir

With indoor and outdoor seating in the cosy neighbourhood of Cihangir, Limon is a hip and homey spot to get your Turkish breakfast fix in Istanbul. We love how thick and cheesy their menemen (scrambled eggs with tomato and bell peppers) is and don’t miss the fried pişi – a savoury type of donut you can eat plain or dip into the eggs.

Van Kahvalti Evi

Try traditional Turkish breakfast in Istanbul or a Kurdish style Turkish breakfast from the East at this famed all-day breakfast spot in Cihangir and Nisantasi. Bonus points for the pillowy soft white bread and savoury acma in the bread basket – try them with the honey and cream, or the delicious honey-based kavut wheat and walnut paste.

Van Ahtamara Kahvalti

Steps away from Istanbul’s busy shopping street İstiklal Avenue is Van Ahtamara Kahvalti – a cosy, no-frills kind of place where you can enjoy a full Turkish breakfast spread with loads of natural light and bustling view of the streets below. Get the gozleme (Turkish flatbread) with cheese!

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