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3 Cosy Cafes in Hanoi For Your Java Fix

There’s nothing like a strong cuppa Vietnamese coffee to jolt you back to your senses – but what’s even better is having a cosy and quiet setting to cocoon and caffeinate yourself in. Whether you’re looking to read, write, chat or simply stare out the window, pull up a chair and park yourself at one of these cosy cafes in Hanoi:

Cong Caphe

Cheeky, urban, hipcat gig parodying the days of red with its military vibe, propaganda splashed walls, Lenin’s edicts and khaki-clad staff. Several branches of these cosy cafes in Hanoi around town.

Tranquil Cafe

Take respite from the Old Quarter frenergy at this hushed, cosy bookish nook doing a neat line in Italian-style espresso and cake. Mellow soundtrack.

The Hanoi Social Club

Boho vibes abound at this lush flora-spangled java-cum-dine spot in the Old Quarter. Veering hipster (though thankfully without the pretension), this retro-styled East-West shophouse is your go-to when pho-d out.

Go cafe-hopping with more cosy cafes in Hanoi – grab your copy of the LUXE Hanoi guide:

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