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3 Melbourne Fashion Brands To Shop

Two words to describe Melbourne style? Effortlessly cool. A mix of modern, vintage, high street and designer, there are really no rules on style except to make it your own. Start by shopping from Melb’s very own homegrown labels with our pick of three Melbourne fashion brands to shop:


Nique in a nutshell? Black clad and boujee for next-gen threads with interiors mirrored, minimal, and monochromed to match. Fun fact: they’re also the first retailer to utilise rebound ace flooring outside of a tennis court.


Kloke offers minimal, prep-ish men’s and women’s casj wear for the young and the careless. Slip it on, slap on a pout and hit the gloomy backlanes for max impact.


Favouring sustainability over seasonal collections, expect timeless, flattering, and consummate wearable pieces from Arnsdorf that will still be standing well past bargain bin season.

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