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3 Must-visit Rooftop Bars in Bangkok

Can’t wait to return to the “Land of Smiles” (aka. Thailand)? Well, now’s the time, because from May 1st, fully vaccinated travellers will no longer need to quarantine or get tested for Covid prior to arrival!

To celebrate the good news, here are three quintessential rooftop bars to visit in Bangkok – from breezy, riverfront beauts to those with sky-high, vertigo-inducing views:

Above Eleven

Super-svelte, alfresco rooftop sipper with great cocktails, decent wine menu and rather toothsome Nikkei tapas menu. The contemporary design is as cracking as the views across the city, just perfect for sunset. Press that elevator button now!


Source: Arun Residence

Rustic, simple roof deck for Wat Arun sunsets. Get there by 5pm to bag a front-row table – you’ll have stiff competition. Sip your aperitif, soak in that view, then move on to eat elsewhere.

Sky Bar

Of all the dizzyingly high, alfresco gin joints in town this is the highest – and its views are spectacular. As the poster child for skyscraper rooftop bars in Bangkok it attracts crowds by the coach-load. You have been warned.

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