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3 Rome Restaurants To Put On Your Eat List

Looking for somewhere new to eat in Rome? Here are three new must-try restaurants in the Eternal City to try, whether you’re craving a cheesy, homestyle pasta dish or a fancy night out with Michy-starred fine dining.

Cesare Al Pellegrino

A clever homage to the Bourdain-famed former occupant, Settimio al Pellegrino, Cesare features a menu of perfectly executed delights including the iconic pan-fried meatballs of former owner-chef Teresa Zazza.

Via del Pellegrino, 117, +39 06 6880 1978,


Rome’s adopted Colombian prince Roy Caceres ascends his Michy-spangled throne of seamless LatAm-Italian fusion in elegant modernist stylings.

Via Boncompagni, 31, +39 06 854 3182,


Maestro Stefano Callegari’s pared back trattoria where decadent, seasonal Roman classics steal the Spartan scene.

Via Cipro, 106, +39 340 784 5281,

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