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3 Unique Boutique Hotels in Tokyo

When in Tokyo, you’ve got to bed down in a place as quirky as the city itself, so here are three unique boutique hotels to put on your hit list:

BnA STUDIO Akihabara

Boundary-pushing boutique belle of Tokyo’s underground art ball with rooms that feel like you’re crashing at the Tate. The five bath-and-kitchenette rooms designed by artist collectives Studio BOWL, 81 BASTARDS and 51.3 G-WAVE present a different interpretation of the modern urban landscape.

Shinjuku Granbell Hotel

Budget boutique babe with pint-sized pop-arty or zen-ish rooms, a stiletto’s totter from the neon Shibuya throng. If you want some more space opt for a Premier class room or Suite with complimentary late check out.

Nohga Hotel Ueno

Deep dive into Ueno’s old-town atmos at boutique flop du jour Nohga, where just about everything you see from Atmosphere Japon pillows to Dear Mayuko bath products is made by neighbouring vendors. Tip: Plump for a suite for ace Skytree panos or hit Bistro Nohga for creative Franco-Nippon morsels.

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