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5 Healers in Bali to Restore Your Body, Mind and Soul

Looking to find yourself in Bali? Well, the first step is to nab a copy of the LUXE Bali guide, second step: read on. Wellness editor Dervla Louli rounds up the best healers in Bali to restore your mind, body and soul.

Updated Jul 2019.

Known for their ability to mend broken hearts, reduce chronic pain and relieve stress, healers are moving from the kooky fringes of wellness to the mainstream, thanks to greater interest in holistic health. With its rich traditions and culture, it’s perhaps no surprise that Bali is at the forefront of the healing trend. From fifth-generation Balians (traditional healers) to established expat practitioners, each of the below healers is tried and tested by Dervla’s crack team of wellness experts at

Note: when visiting a Balian it’s essential to dress modestly and observe the rules on how to make payment. Being open-minded to the possibility of being healed is prerequisite to any session, so be sure to leave the judgement at home.

Pak Man Arya Dunung

Balian Pak Man’s reputation has travelled worldwide, making him one of the go-to healers in Bali – his British wife acts as a translator for visitors. A session starts with a short conversation followed by an hour-long vigorous (and often painful) massage to remove blockages. Pak Man will often put a herbal paste on your gums and finish with bodywork to help open your heart.

Jl  Tirta Tawar No.12, Petulu, Ubud, +62 813-3893-5369

Cokorda Rai

If you ask a local in Bali about a healer, chances are you’ll be directed straight to Cokorda Rai in Ubud. Attracting clients from all over the world, treatments typically last 10-15 minutes during which he uses a combination of pressure-point work and reiki.

A session with Cokorda begins with him asking what’s wrong and if anything hurts; he’ll then assess your body, focusing on the most painful points, explaining the cause of the pain. You’ll walk away with clear advice on how you can address the discomfort and stress you’re experiencing from the inside out.

Jl. Raya Singapadu, Singapadu Tengah, Sukawati, Kabupaten Gianyar, Ubud

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Ibu Jero

Visitors seeking out healers in Bali are sure to come across Ibu Jero, a fifth-generation healer and high priestess who helps eliminate negative feelings and emotional baggage. Ibu offers one-on-one sessions and group ceremonies at picturesque locations on the island, so you can max out both your health and your Insta feed.  

During individual sessions, Ibu uses reiki to draw out negative thoughts and past problems from your body into her own, which she then expels through her mouth. Ibu then guides you through a light meditation while locating pressure points to release negative thoughts.

+6281337649367 | Facebook |

Jimmy Doyle

Based in North Kuta, Australian Jimmy Doyle is one of the best foreign healers in Bali. Relaxed and discreet, Jim has a gift for eliminating blockages and rebalancing energy via pressure point work and mantras – which he’ll have you repeating after him. Prepare to be surprised, as Jim will often focus on something that’s significant, but you might be reluctant to address, such as moving into a new chapter of life, letting go of the past, or negative preconceptions about yourself. Sessions usually last an hour and are done in a villa on a traditional massage bed.


Popular natural-intuitive Jelila offers an extensive menu of healing treatments. Her signature two-hour sessions are the ideal if it’s your first visit – she’ll use crystals, singing, bodywork and past-life clearing to release subconscious blockages. You can expect an unusual experience in her eclectic home; she’s also available on Skype for follow-up appointments when you’re back home.  

Jl Hanoman No 43, Ubud, +62 8585 732 6822, Skype: JELILA2255, email:

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