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9 Black Travel Influencers to Follow

It may seem like the #BlackLivesMatter movement has quieted down, but there’s still much work to be done in amplifying Black voices, especially in the travel industry. These days, we need travel inspo more than ever – and if you’re looking for some new POVs to add to your feed, we’ve got you covered. From hardcore adventurers to fashionistas and families on the road, here are nine Black travel influencers to follow: 

1. Oneika Raymond, @oneikatraveller

Oneika Raymond_cc_Oneika Raymond.jpeg

Canadian-Jamaican traveller and writer Oneika Raymond has visited over 115 countries. Expect to see infinite content on the less-talked-about issues relating to travel— from the intersections of travel with race and privilege, to tips on maintaining long-distance relationships and working from home. 

2. Mario Rigby, @mariorigby

Mario Rigby_cc_Mario Rigby.jpg

Ever wondered if walking across the African continent, from South Africa to Egypt, is a possible feat? Mario Rigby has proved it to be. He’s also cycled 7,300 kilometres across Canada and is now documenting his journey kayaking across Lake Ontario. Follow this eco-explorer to discover new ways of travelling sustainably. 

3. Hermon and Heroda, @being__her

Hermon and Heroda_cc_Hermon and Heroda.jpg

London-based Eritrean and Ethiopian twins, Hermon and Heroda, share their love for all things fashion and travel on their blog and Instagram account. Both having become deaf at the age of seven, Hermon and Heroda also represent the deaf community differently from mainstream media portrayals.  

4. Tribe on a Quest, @tribeonaquest 


Queer mom Marquita and her small tribe of “Roo” and “Lightning Bug” present a new image of family travel. On their blog ‘Tribe on a Quest’, Momma Marquita discusses travel, homeschooling, and special needs parenting as a Queer Black woman.  

5. Erick Prince, @minoritynomad

Erick Prince_cc_Minority Nomad.png

Previously having served in the U.S. military for over 10 years, Erick Prince is now ready to travel to every country in the world. He has already visited 95 countries and is taking his sweet time completing his ‘slow travel’ voyage. Join him on his quest here.

6. Karl ‘Shakur’ Ndieli, @karl_shakur

Karl ‘Shakur’ Ndieli_cc_karl_shakur.png

Adventure photographer Karl ‘Shakur’ reignites your wanderlust with his art. Scroll through his enchanting, colour-coordinated Instagram feed or watch him take on new adventures on his YouTube channel—you’ll get inspired either way. 

7. Juju Milay, @jujumil

Juju Milay_cc_jujumil.png

Congolese Judith Kasiama (aka. Juju Milay) moved to Vancouver, Canada as a refugee, but was also raised in South Africa, Australia, and the U.S. A global citizen and activist, she founded Colour the Trails to encourage outdoor adventure among POC communities. Support this growing team of adventurers here

8. Ciara, @hey_ciara 


Born and raised in Texas, traveller and blogger Ciara worked full-time at a Fortune 500 company for two years before calling it quits and setting off on her solo travel journey at the age of 23. She has visited 60 countries since and isn’t stopping anytime soon.

9. Victoria Everest, @victoriaeverest_

Victoria Everest_cc_victoriaeverest_.png

Half-Turkish and half-Nigerian, Victoria Everest is a source of motivation for women all around the world. A mom traveller and transformation coach, she is here and ready to change your mindset to get you the life you’ve always envisioned. 

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