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Akasha Holistic Wellbeing Centre, London: Gritty City Respite

In a city as vibrant, bustling and, at times, gritty as London, it’s all but essential to have a well-placed haven of respite at your fingertips, especially when a full recharge is required and time is of the essence.

And what could be more perfectly positioned than the iconic former haute diner turned flopspot Hotel Cafe Royal, where acclaimed architect David Chipperfield waved his magic zen wand to create the finishing touch of the hotel’s sleek revamp – the Akasha Holistic Wellbeing Centre. Talk about an ultra opulent, 1,200 sq m pamper palace…

Akasha is made up of four spaces each corresponding to an element – feel the burn in their ‘fire’-inspired gym; inhale filtered cooling ‘air’ during a personally-tailored yoga session; dive straight into a little ‘water’ therapy, ranging from a gentle loll in their warm Watsu pool, a healthy pummelling in the Carrara marble hammam, a sultry spell in the domed hemlock Finnish sauna, or a treatment in one of their nineteen solid marble therapy rooms, three of which feature whirlpools…and the top-to-toe rejuvenation concludes with ‘earth’, an organic fruit bar also cheekily serving champagne to put some bubbly bounce in your stiletto step.


Akasha Holistic Wellbeing Centre, Hotel Cafe Royal, 68 Regent St, W1, London, +44 20 7406 3360,

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