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All I Want For Christmas… An Antarctic Expedition

This year LUXE is opting for a ‘zero waste’ holiday season by giving the gift of experience. From action-packed expeditions to restful and restorative chill-grimages, we’ve got the skinny on where to go, what to do and how to gift for an eco-friendly and conscience rejuvenating Christmas. Deck the halls, flex the credit facilities and off we go!


A deep probe and visual feast of pristine and untamed Antarctica with Quark Expeditions. 


14 days at sea from US$8,995


If your giftee’s vacay predilections veer towards the otherworldly, Quark Expeditions‘ intense photo-examination of one of the world’s last virtually untouched landscapes might just be your prez for the win. In what is at once a deeply serene and wildly exhilarating experience, explorers sail from Argentina across the Drake Passage heading for the Antarctic Peninsula, South Shetland Islands and Antarctic Circle, honing skills and capturing the wild and remote corner of the globe rarely seen by human eyes via workshops, lectures and wildlife encounters.  

For more so-festive-you-could-gift-it experiences around the world…

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