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All I Want For Christmas… A Stay at Holy Deer San Lorenzo Lodge, Rome

This year LUXE is opting for a ‘zero waste’ holiday season by giving the gift of experience. From action-packed expeditions to restful and restorative chill-grimages, we’ve got the skinny on where to go, what to do and how to gift for an eco-friendly and conscience rejuvenating Christmas. Deck the halls, flex the credit facilities and off we go!


A no-extravagance-spared Roman stay fit for a Kardashian. 


Prices start at Euro 10,000 a night, with min 2-night stay. 


What was once the Piazza Navona illicit romp spot for Pope (not so) Innocent X and his mistress (slash sister-in-law, hmmm) is now Rome’s most dazzling – and exclusive – private abode. For a pretty price, you can live like the queen you are amid this 350 sqm apartment resplendent with Baroque frescoes, marble, rich moire wallpapers, silk damasks and princely platform beds – including the Pope’s very own chamber, natch. 

This is hands down the most OTT suite in town, and just the ticket for your ridiculously opulent gifting needs.

For more so-festive-you-could-gift-it experiences around the world…

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