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The Best of Paris’ Cheese Shops

In search of your favourite fromage? Paris is positively churning with fabulous cheese shops, guaranteed to bring out your inner mouse. 

Famed for its incredible array of cheeses, from hard mountain varieties to squishy, white-rind Bries and pungent blues – the capital’s best boutiques know how to select, cultivate and display them. Phwoar…

Meilleur Ouvrier Laurent Dubois has three locations and a special relationship with various Comté producers (visit his Saint-Germain shop in the 5th for the Roquefort layered with quince jam). Enter his ‘universe of cheese’ and you’ll discover carefully aged cheeses divided into ‘families’.

Androuët is one of the oldest fromageries in France, dating back to 1909; it boasts seven specialist stores in Paris, including one in Left Bank district ‘La Mouffe’. Call in for Camembert, sample Saint-Nectaire and leave with Livarot. Staff can also advise on seasonally-sussed spring platters.

Marie Quatrehomme, of Fromagerie QUATREHOMME, is the undisputed queen of cheese; being a fourth-gen family-owned firm that started in 1953, with shops across town. They can even vacuum-pack your selection if you’re travelling. Don’t miss the covetable chèvres (goats cheese).

Third-gen fromager-affineur Virginie Boularouah of Chez Virginie matures her cheeses in cool curing cellars in her vintage-style store, and has hundreds of raw milk varieties. Sleek Alléosse, just a short walk from Arc de Triomphe, has eye-popping ewe’s milk cheeses, plus black truffle-flavoured treats. Say cheese!

Laurent Dubois, 97-99 rue St Antoine, 4th, +33 1 4887 1710.

Androuët, 134 rue Mouffetard, 5th, +33 1 4587 8505.

Fromagerie QUATREHOMME, La Maison du Fromage, 62 rue de Sèvres, 7th, +33 1 4734 3345.

Chez Virginie, 54 rue Damrémont, 18th, +33 1 4606 7654.

Alléosse, 13 rue Poncelet, 17th, +33 1 4622 5045.  

This post originally appeared on PenCities Paris, April 7, 2016.

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