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Bobalicious: Mother Pearl, Hong Kong

Icy, milky, chewy and sweet – what’s not to love about sipping on a tall glass of bubble tea? For vegans, Hong Kong’s plant-based bubble tea shop, Mother Pearl, has been a godsend thanks to their homemade nut, rice and oat mylks plus animal-free tapioca pearls. And now, they’ve even opened a brand new location on the eastern side of the island.

Located in the bustling Quarry Bay biz district, the new Mother Pearl offers the same earth-friendly drinks as its Central counterpart, including the popular Pot of Gold, Over The Rainbow and True East.

Expect to find other unique and healthy ingredients in your Mother Pearl drinks, such as monkfruit sugar, alkaline water, Himalayan pink salt, KAPOWDER Saviour biotin blend, snow swallow, and blackstrap molasses –ingredients that will up your protein, fibre and collagen while reducing calories.

Not sure what to try first? Why not start with the four new drinks that have been created in celebration of Mother Pearl’s new location, including:

  • “Kiss in Pink”, a sweet-and-tart pink lemonade with fresh lemon and rhubarb, monkfruit sugar, alkaline water and nata de coco
  • “Garden of Eden”, a 12-hour cold brew Orchid Tieguanyin tea infused with fresh fruits, turmeric tapioca and collagen ice cubes
  • “Red Bean Frappe”, the typical Hong Kong summer drink with red bean paste, acai tapioca, snow swallow, almond mylk slush and coconut mylk froth
  • “Cho-caco”, with cocoa protein slush, raw cacao nibs, chia seeds, almond milk and activated charcoal tapioca

Learn more about Mother Pearl’s vegan bubble teas at

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