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10 Inspirational Travel Quotes To Live By

September 17, 2020

With most of 2020 behind us, LUXE’s resident editors from around the world share their favourite travel quotes to inspire your next journey. Which one is your fave?

Sylvia Sabes, LUXE Paris resident editor:

Quote 2.png

Kate Collins, LUXE Florence resident editor:

Quote 3.png

Mary Justice Thomasson, LUXE Bali resident editor:

Quote 6.png

Andrea Seifert, LUXE Singapore resident editor: "Except when it comes to travel, more is more!“

Quote 4.png

Basak Miller, LUXE Istanbul resident editor:

Quote 5.png

Suzanne Delahunty, LUXE London resident editor: “I saw this written on the sidewalk by De La Vega in New York City and it has always stuck with me.”

Quote 7.png

Eleani Purcell, LUXE Melbourne resident editor:

Quote 1.png

Gina Johnson, LUXE Dubai resident editor: “It speaks to me personally as a journalist and writer.”

Quote 8.png

Ashley Lampard, LUXE Hanoi resident editor:

Quote 9.png

Jocelyn Loke, LUXE Kuala Lumpur resident editor:

Quote 10.png

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