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7 Most Romantic Spots In The World

February 03, 2021

It's the season of luuurve, so we've rounded up some of the most romantic spots in the world to go on a date. Whether you're strolling through with your crush, soulmate or four-legged friend, be sure to get a copy of our LUXE City Guides to see what else you can do in the area... mwah!

Istanbul: Topkapi Palace

Home to the sultans for more than three centuries, the Topkapi Palace will get your hearts racing, if not for its awe-inspiring Harem and Treasury stacked with diamond-encrusted daggers, gold armour, pearl-covered Korans, et al. 

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Los Angeles: Santa Monica Pier

santa monica pier small

Iconic, yes. Tacky? Maybe. Still, there's something decidedly nostalgic and romantic about this 1909 fisherman's pier. Walk or cycle along the oceanfront boulevard for max rom-com feels.

Find it: Google Maps
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Rome: Trevi Fountain

If you think you'll get a solo encounter with the Trevi Fountain, think again – it's teeming with coachers from 8am till late – how irritante! Avoid the hordes with a pre-dawn visit and it'll be just you, your S.O. and the water-spouting statues.

Find it: Google Maps
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Paris: Eiffel Tower

paris eiffel tower small

With her kinky steel corsetry as light as lace, the iconic iron lady has the world and his wife lining up at her feet. Dine at the Mich-starred Le Jules Verne, with its own private platform set within the great tower. Swoon!

Find it: Google Maps
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London: Kew Gardens

The Royal Botanic Gardens are exceptional with flower-filled formal planting, a pagoda and Victorian iron-n-glass Palm House (the oldest surviving one of its kind), as well as galleries, temples and a Treetop Walkway. Sublime in the summer.

Find it: Google Maps
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Bali: Uluwatu Temple

uluwatu temple small

Legend has it, this sacred clifftop perch on the southwest tip of Bali was once a ship that turned to stone... today, it's better known as the island's primo spot for a sunset view. 

Find it: Google Maps
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Amsterdam: Vondelpark

Amsterdam's big green central lung is a wonderful walk in the park, or bring your 'fiets' (aka. bike) and pedal through with your other half (couple's challenge: try holding hands while doing so). Best in spring and autumn, eerily beautiful in winter and crowded with babes and BBQs in summer.

Find it: Google Maps
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