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The LUXE Guide to Surviving Quarantine

April 08, 2021

No, now is not the time to travel, but for those who've had to hop on a plane and cross time zones for whatever reason (work, family or otherwise), quarantine is a dreaded must. Here are three LUXE travellers who've lived to tell the tale – with plenty of tips to pass along...



Name: Hsuanya Johnsson

Travelling from: Stockholm to Singapore

Purpose of trip: Family reunification

Quarantine period: 14 days at a government-appointed hotel for SGD2,000 (approx. US$1,500) inclusive of meals and exclusive of Covid-19 tests. No open windows, no visitors, no going outside.

Fun fact: All travellers are assigned to an SDF (Stay Home Notice - SHN - Dedicated Facility) by the government on a first-come, first-serve basis. Some get five-star, while others get budget.

Tips for surviving quarantine: 

1. Stay positive and open-minded. Connect with family and friends over video calls, or even better, with yourself! I wake up every morning and look into the mirror to practice a little self-love.

2. Stay out of social media – it will only make your life miserable. And don’t even think about joining the Facebook group of other quarantiners unless you want to FOMO over their double balconies.

3. Bring along essentials such as washing detergent, your own cutlery, etc. Don’t be shy to ask friends and family to send things to you so that you can create an environment that makes you feel safe. 

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Vancouver, Canada


Name: Erica Fong

Travelling from: Hong Kong to Vancouver

Purpose of trip: Family reunification

Quarantine period: 3 days at a government-appointed quarantine hotel inclusive of meals and two COVID tests for approx. C$2,000 (US$1,500), followed by 11 days at home or at a hotel/Airbnb at the traveller’s own cost

Fun fact: Only international travellers arriving by air need to quarantine; domestic travellers and those arriving by land are exempt. Quarantine guests are allowed to go outside for fresh air at select hotels.

Tips for surviving quarantine: 

1. Book a place that feels like home – preferably with some outdoor space (balcony, patio or backyard). Since you’ll be spending a lot of time there, you might as well enjoy it!

2. Stay active. Bring a yoga mat or skipping rope (space-saving gear) so that you can burn off some calories and/or stress.

3. Enjoy your solo time. It’s becoming more of a luxury these days to have time to yourself, so turn off your phone every now and then to give yourself some much-needed me-time.

Taipei, Taiwan


Name: Sylvia Chan

Hometown: Hong Kong to Taipei

Purpose of trip: Family reunification

Quarantine period: 14 days at a government-arranged quarantine centre or hotel (which costs around TWD3,000 per day for a total of TWD45,000; roughly US$1,500). No visitors or leaving the room is allowed.

Fun fact: Quarantining at a government arranged centre is the cheaper option, and travellers can also choose to quarantine at home if they live alone.

Tips for surviving quarantine: 

1. Make sure the place you quarantine has good WiFi signals and a Smart TV, so that you can cast movies or play video games.

2. Bring your own pillow and bedsheets to boost your sleep quality.

3. Be prepared. Familiarise yourself with the facilities of your hotel/quarantine location beforehand and bring what you need to feel at home. Teddies, included.

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