4 Romantic Travel Ideas to Wow Your Love

Chocolates, teddies and fizz more tired than inspired when it comes to upping the romance ante? If it’s high time you pulled out the big guns, we’ve got your back with our saucy round up of the most jaw-dropping and knicker-evaporating travel experiences sure to get engines revving.

Bali: An Unforgettable Cruise

Waves gently lapping, soft breeze caressing, and Tonya tourist selfie snapping — ummm, pass. Dodge the khaki'd masses on shore and take your amore on tour by hopping aboard the Alexa, a dazzling charter yacht restored from its former life as a spice cargo. With just one cabin on board, the vessel is designed to provide an ultra-private slice of heaven for seafaring lovebirds. Have your own Titanic moment while stargazing on the upper deck, or get snuggly in the swoon-worthy sleeping chambers furnished with lush Indonesian silks and folk sculptures.

Hong Kong: The Ultimate Staycation

In Hong Kong and looking for a last-minute luxury injection into your love life? There's still time (just) to book into The Four Seasons’ modest HK$128,888 (US$16,600-ish) Valentine’s Day package. You can rightly expect a little more than scattered rose petals and swan-shaped linens for your dollar – indeed a lavish 11-course supper imagined by Exec-chef Andrea Accordi, twinkly poolside setting replete with stagger-fab Victoria Harbour vistas, Krug Clos d'Ambonnay to pair, plus a private butler, violinist, and the specially decorated Grand Harbour View Suite are all on the evening’s agenda. Toss in round-trip limo transfers and a pamper-riffic couple’s spa experience, stir well, and you’ve a foolproof recipe for hot n’ spicy romance.

Dubai: An Epic Safari

We all know you have to kiss a few frogs before finding a prince, but what of getting up close with birds of prey? Grab your binoculars and shimmy into your best safari togs for a one-of-a-kind falconry tour with Platinum Heritage.  Under the watchful eye of an expert falconer, you'll be taught how to lure droves of the magnificent creatures to your side, surrounded by postcard-perfect dunes and wildlife — including oryx and gazelles — on the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. Camel rides and a sumptuous meal at the five-star Al Maha Resort are also included, so you get the full-on, right royal Emirati treatment. Headscarf at the ready!

Japan: An Intimate Hot Springs Session

Skip the hotel Jacuzzi and bask instead in the mysterious and titillating world of onsen. The Japanese have been turning to restorative natural hot springs for centuries, and the 700-year old Arima Onsen Ryokan lies in one of the country's oldest destinations for the warm and soothing respite. Throw modesty – plus your robe and pants – to the wind and steep in a steaming, nutrient-rich private open-air bath until you're good and pruned, then float to your post-soak Kaiseki supper in your own room for two. You know what they say: couples who Kobe together, stay together. Got beef? 

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