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Germ-free Essentials For The Intrepid LUXE Traveller

March 12, 2020

Whether we like it or not, the prospect of COVID-19 is likely to be travelling alongside us for much of 2020. Here’s LUXE’s essential checklist to keeping you healthy on the road. (Tip: Stocks are in short supply, so pre-ordering is essential.)

Personal Air Purifier 

Beef up your antimicrobial security like a pro with this personal space air purifier. Worn around your neck, and available in a variety of colours, it uses ionic technology to nuke microbes as they enter your vicinity. LUXE’s Editorial Director swears by hers — she won’t leave home without it, and even wears it in the office.

Hand Sanitizer

Now is not the time to rely on essential oils. Whatever you buy, make sure your hand sanitiser contains over 60% alcohol. Two safe bets are Aesop’s deliciously smoky Resurrection Rinse-free Handwash and Dr Bronner’s Peppermint Hand Sanitizer, which is superbly minty and clean-smelling, leaves no sticky residue, can be used for effective surface-cleaning, and even sprayed into the air around you.

SOS (Sanitize Our Space) 

Remember Naomi Campbell’s eccentrically intense preflight cleansing routine? Oh how we laughed. (Well who’s laughing now?) Undertake a total SWAT clean on every surface with household cleaning wipes, and carry personal wipes with you for on-the-go swipes. 

Mask up

Masks may be controversial, but the incontrovertible evidence is this: if you are one of the many thousands of people currently walking around with the virus (unknowingly), wearing a mask will minimise your potential to spread it to others. And, if you’re a compulsive face-toucher, the main benefit of wearing a mask is protection from yourself.

It’s a Wrap 

When it comes to maintaining a strong immune system, sleep and relaxation are your strongest allies after cleanliness. An excellent blanket is going to assist with both. The LUXE team are huge fans of a large, light, springy cashmere scarf that can double as shawl, pillow, or general comfort blanket. Skincare expert Tata Harper swears by her White & Warren travel wrap

Use Protection 

It’s not pretty but it is effective: for years, Seat Sitter has been the unanimous choice for germ-phobes everywhere, with its full-seat cover, tray-table cover, mask, and sanitising wipes. One thing we noticed is you can only wash and dry them on low heat so you’ll have to add some antimicrobial soap to your wash. 

We know all this might seem a bit excessive, but you can never be too safe in these unpredictable times, so safe travels LUXEsters, and remember — you’re not being crazy; you’re putting the sanity into sanitising. 

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