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Globestrutter: Cult Beauty Products To Buy While Travelling

May 17, 2017

Shopping for culinary delights are part and parcel of the magic of travel. Be it stocking up on full-bodied reds from the vineyards around Margaux, or succulent buffalo mozzarella from Campania, edible souvenirs arouse memories of a destination. 

Beauty products can be as equally as evocative, an instant whiff of a perfume will capture the history and culture of a place, or vacation. From a centuries-old fragrance from Florence, to living skincare in Australia, here are five cult beauty buys to pick up on your next adventure.  

Caudalie Beaute Elixir

Named after the unit used to measure the quality of the flavour of wine, Caudalie was created in the vineyards of Bordeaux. Founder Mathilde Thomas noticed the byproducts of the vines on her family estate possessed powerful antioxidant benefits, yet were being thrown away. Determined to harness this goodness, she founded Caudalie with her husband. Their best seller, Eau de Beaute Elixir, is a plant-based mist, lightly fragranced with rose, mint and grape, which hydrates the skin and tightens the pores. The travel size bottle is perfect for in-flight hydration.

Available at Net A Porter


Hungary has some of the most incredible thermal springs in the world and its capital, Budapest, is often referred to as the City of Spas. It sits on 125 thermal springs, which carry some 70 million litres of water a day; water which contains calcium carbonate and magnesium – nutrients great for the skin. Created by descendants of a noble Hungarian family, Omorovicza is a family run skincare line whose detoxifying Deep Cleansing Mask is the best on the market. Rich in calcium and magnesium it works to clear pores, draw out impurities and increase circulation, leaving skin not just brighter but also taut.

Available at Mecca

Santa Maria Novella

Dating back to the C.13th, Officina Profumo Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella is the world’s oldest pharmacy. Located in Florence, the Officina gained prominence when it was commissioned by a young Catherine de’ Medici, to create a signature scent and over 400 years later the famous apothecary is still in existence. Using raw natural ingredients grown in the surrounding hills, the apothecary still follows its ancient recipes. Its Acqua di Rose, initially created by Dominican friars to use as an antiseptic to the fight the plague, remains one of the bestselling products, though now it is used as a toner and perfume.

Available at Net A Porter


Believing that beauty starts with the gut, Sydney-based The Beauty Chef champions the concept of eating your way to beautiful skin, and has devised the world’s first living skincare range. A dedicated team of chemists, naturopaths and nutritionists create formulas and recipes to nurture the body on the inside as well as on the out, and they have a pretty big fan in Gwyneth Paltrow, who stocks the brand on her lifestyle website, GOOP. The Glow Inner Beauty powder is a daily beauty supplement packed with fermented prebiotics and probiotics, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, which will improve your gut and digestion and enhance your skin.

Available at GOOP

UK & Ireland

Don’t be fooled by the clinical looking pot. Originating in Dublin, and dating back to the 1930s Sudocrem (initially called Soothing Cream, but the Irish accent pronunciation changed it to ‘suud-ing cream’), has been used for decades to soothe nappy rash. It also does wonders for eczema, sunburn, acne and chapped skin. Most homes in the UK will have a tub, though I have yet to find someone that has succeeded in finishing it...

Available at Boots

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