Globestrutter: Luxury At 35,000 Feet

Luxury at 35,000 feet isn't always easy to achieve. Once the novelty of a flatbed wears off, and you realise your personal confinement is even smaller than that bedsit you visited on your gap year, all you’re left with is bad oxygen and even worse circulation.

As a frequent Sydney to London commuter, I've found that maintaining that sense of luxury is more about ensuring you travel with a few key long-haul essentials.

Eric Bompard Giant Cashmere Stole

Forget the synthetic aeroplane blankets, and opt for one of Eric Bompard’s giant cashmere scarves instead. At 2.5m x 1.2m, these 100% cashmere stoles are larger than most blankets, and made from the softest yarn in France. Fibres are sourced from the Capra Hisca goat which roams Mongolia’s Gobi plains, and survives in temperatures of -40C. The Capra Hisca’s long, soft hair insulates from the cold, and will keep you warm long into your flight.

Avène Thermal Spring Water

Avène’s Thermal Spring Water stems from the Cévennes Mountains in Avène, a picturesque village located in the south of France. Drawn directly from the spring, the thermal water is naturally mineralised and biologically pure, without added ingredients. It has a neutral pH and is rich in silicates, which hydrate and soften the skin without drying it out, making it the ideal accompaniment for a long haul flight. In fact Avène has been soothing skin since 1743, and one bottle is sold worldwide every two seconds!

Chaos Mobile Phone Cover

Perhaps an interesting addition to this list, but when you consider the likelihood of having to call a flight attendant should you misplace your phone, perhaps a sensible one. Chaos is a phone accessory brand with serious fashion pedigree. The monogrammed covers which come with personalised zips and charms were created by ex-British Vogue stylists Charlotte Stockdale and Katie Lyall, who have also worked with everyone from Fendi through to Chanel. The deerskin covers come in a variety of colours and graphics, and the accompanying zip leaves you fashionably hands-free.

Goldfaden MD Bright Eyes

Practicing dermatologist Dr Goldfaden, created this little pot of magic specifically targeting the delicate area around the eyes. Containing soy peptide and rice bran extract, the natural skincare line works to reduce dark circles and even out wrinkles. The jojoba and apricot ultra-lightweight oil mixture not only smells delicious, but leaves the skin looking hydrated and luminous, making it a great accompaniment for those red eye flights. The small pot also lasts a lifetime, and the cream works a treat as a primer for eye makeup, or a base for concealer.

Caudalie Lip Balm

Caudalie, the beauty brand behind the cult Eau de Beaute Elixir has a wide array of products that are just as impressive. The antioxidant-rich lip conditioner is a particular favourite, due to its nourishing, anti-ageing formula. The delicate vanilla scent isn’t too powerful. and the balm formula will provide hydration throughout your flight.

Smythson Marshall Travel Wallet

There are few brands that truly encompass the phrase ‘travelling in style’ and Smythson, the 130 yo, quintessentially British brand, renowned for its luxury stationery does just that. Its Marshall Travel Wallet, created in calf leather, is roomy enough for all your travel essentials, with dedicated compartments for your boarding pass, tickets, passport and a separate currency purse. It helps keep you organised on your travels, while looking good.

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Mira Comara Alexander

An urban nomad with nine lives, Mira was born in Sarajevo and educated in the UK, where she worked for a political risk consultancy specialising in kidnapping. With stints in the Middle East and Europe, Mira now works in luxury fashion PR in Sydney. This Londoner is always on the hunt for an adventure and a great outfit, whether on the slopes of Megève or Bond Street.  

  • Mira LOVES... Fashion, art, adventure and romance, better still if accompanied by a cold glass of Bandol Rosé

  • Mira LOATHES... A lack of integrity

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