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Context Private Tours: Inside Guides to Tokyo

LUXE has partnered with pride of guides Context Travel, who run private and small group tours led by an armed cotillion of art historians, PhDs, culture mavens + specialists. They’ll enlighten you via themed itins or bespoke jaunts, so you can spend time taking in the sights, not with your head buried in a book. What’s more, now you can book tours directly through our app. Glam gallivants ahead!

From Play to Pray: Exploring Asakusa

Tokyo is certainly known the world over for its futuristic elements – from egg- and umbrella-dispensing vending machines to self-saucing chopsticks and automatic music-playing toilets – but the Nippon capital also has some 400+ years of illustrious history. And one of the best places to explore the old Edo ways is on a Context tour of the culture-crammed Asakusa neighbourhood.

Once located outside of the city limits, the enclave was home to theatres, shrines and a scandalous red light district, all of which are discussed on this three-hour stroll led by a resident historian. Enroute you’ll visit the area’s most iconic site, the C.7th Buddhist Senso-ji Temple, as well as one of Tokyo’s few remaining Geisha districts before concluding with some quiet contemplation in a traditional garden. Who says this city is all cutting-edge tech and neon bright lights?

Rather go unguided? Download the LUXE app and point your peepers at the Traditional Tokyo itinerary for our pick of the best temples, teahouses and tatami dining experiences.

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Tasting Tsukiji: A Market Tour

Silly for sashimi? Or just drowning in the ocean of endless stalls that is Tsukiji? Well fret not sakana connoisseurs, Captain Context will safely sail you around the world’s largest and busiest fish fest where savvy shoppers can find everything from nori sheets to caviar and salmon auctioned off by the crate load.

During this three-hour guided gander you’ll learn a bit about the history of the market, observe some produce prep and probably spy a few (seemingly shifty) transactions before having the oppor-tuna-ty to try some raw bites and other Japanese delicacies over a sit down lunch in the outer section of the market. It’s the flippin’ best way to sea this quintessential Tokyo site.

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Aesthetics: Stylizing Modern Japan  

The importance of aesthetics is visible everywhere in Tokyo, from impeccably manicured trees to perfect packaging and too-pretty-to-eat cakes. And, of course, the attention to architectural aspects is no different. This three-hour, three-angle urbanists’ expedition takes walkers around the equally style-savvy but distinctly different neighbourhoods of Harajuku, Omotesando and Roppongi, exploring how traditional Japanese notions of design and culture create contrast in the contemporary cityscape.

After admiring the classic Meiji Shrine, you’ll skip over to the famous Takeshita St, lined with cutesy-colourful shops from Gothic Lolita dresses to fashions for Fido. Here you’ll pause to discuss this youthful manifestation of modern Japan, before moving on to grown-up label land Omotesando’s aesthetic principles (and the brands they house). Finally, it’s on to Roppongi Hills to explore Tokyo’s flourishing contemporary art scene with visits to the Mori Museum and the 21_21 design site.

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Otaku: From Geek to Chic

From comics to anime cartoons to cosplay, explore all the colour and oddity of Japan’s most misunderstood subculture Otaku in the neighbourhood that serves as the epicentre of this fandom phenomenon, electronics enclave Akihabara.

This three-hour Context tour will take you ambling through side streets (and most likely past an abundance of outrageously attired enthusiasts), to arcade shops and oh-so Japanese purikura (photos booths). Finally, you’ll finish at a ‘maid café’ for a quick gawk at the girls dressed as anime characters and the equally intriguing regulars playing trading card games and making models. This is the Nippon capital at it’s most crazy and kawaii.

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Tokyo National Museum

If your impression of Japan is stuck at sushi and Hello Kitty, this is just the tour to knock some authentic insights into you. Say sayonara to the modern metropolis and konichiwa to artifacts dating back to 10,000BC at the Tokyo National Museum.

Located in tranquil Ueno Park, this culture vulture nest houses thousands of sculptures, objects and paintings related to Asian art and archeology, but the Context excursion narrows its focus to the Japanese Gallery. What is more, all tours are tailored to the particular interests of attendees, so you can beef up your Buddhism knowledge, sharpen your Samurai nouce or top up your tea ceremony skills. Just tell your guiding history expert what you want to know and away you go.Book directly at

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