Maomaoland is now more like wowwowland.


Unless you've been interred in a mausoleum you'll know that Beijing is home to some of the world's most awe-inspiring building and the epicentre of the contemporary Chinese art market. Add in a smorgasbord of regional cuisines and China's capital has plenty of spangles to keep you smiling.

Do expect plenty of spitting and staring, ugh! Avoid the use of public toilets like you would an evening with Steven Seagal, but do carry tissues in the unfortunate event that you’re horridly caught short. 

Apr-May is dry but pleasant with occasional sandstorms; Jun-mid Sep is like a moist oven; mid Sep-Nov is delightful; your fridge will be warmer Dec-Mar. Pay attention to local pollution warnings and mark-up when necessary.

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4 Beijing Stores to Get Suited n' Booted

The tip-top shopping spots to up your sartorial ante.

The following Mandarin phrase will come in handy...

Boo Yao! : 

I am afraid I am uninterested in your cheap socks, crappy DVDs or dreadful trinkets!