Come to see the Wall?


Well, you're about 30 years too late, mein Liebling. Nowadays Berlin is the epitome of cool, laid back charm from east to west, with underground vibe, perpetual nightlife, inimitable style and creativity. 

The city is vast but flat, so sections can be explored easily on foot. On footpaths, keep a peeper out for cyclists and stay out of their way or you could get a verbal bashing.

Berlin really comes into her own in summer when days are long, clear and clement. Autumn can be nippy and wet but the changing leaves are gorgey, spring sees the first lush greens, winter is grey, snowy and shiveringly cold with scant 8 hrs of daylight.

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The following German phrase is dull, but helpful...

Entschuldigung : 

Oops, sorry / Excuse me