Once a pearl-fishing village on the Arabian Gulf… Dubai has transformed itself into a mega-rich desert oasis of sun, sand, shop and spa. Despite the forest of cranes and ever-burgeoning traffic, the pure chutzpah of this city – homing indoor skiing, the world's tallest building, and underwater hotel – is undeniable.

Latest in Dubai

Contemporary cocoon in the shadow of the Burj Khalifa, providing stylish respite from both heat and bustle.
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Eat & Drink
No need to go completely dry in this desert, dear – there are yet untapped liquid resources to be found.
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Crank the swank in the desert city of decadence with the most lavish stays, sups and spa experiences.
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Jumeirah Guide Dubai 01.jpg
The top boutique shops and spa flops in the heart of Dubai's ritziest retail strip.
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