Although not the quiet, tranquil capital of yore.


Hanoi still enthralls with its blend of Confucian values, Buddhist temples, crumbling French-colonial architecture and tiny atmospheric streets. Add incredible food, art and fabulous shopping... just watch out for the pesky motorbikes.

Road safety and traffic law? Dream on. To cross the road, step out like Moses, and behold, the red moped sea will part before thee.

Cool and dry Oct-Nov is the best time to visit. Dec-Feb can get chilly; Feb-Apr is drizzly; and May-Sep is hot and humid.

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A Day on the Plate in Hanoi

There's no shortage of genuinely good dining experiences, running the gamut from street eats to gourmet Gallic.

The following Vietnamese phrase will come in handy...

Cam on chee / Cam on anh : 

Thanking you kindly