Ho Chi Minh City

Think it's all tanks and tunnels? Wake up and smell the pho. Saigon still rocks elegant boulevards and French colonial architecture, but it’s a swank shopper and foodie's dream to boot. Stacked with world-class local designer fashion, interiors and lifestyle, the city is simply waiting for you on a plate.

Latest in Ho Chi Minh City

Hotel des Arts Rooftop
A Parisian-tinged dream of elegant abodes, leafy D.3 vistas and Social Club, HCMC's top flutter spot.
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Eat & Drink
Thrilling as HCMC can be, when the heat, dust and incessant honking get too much, seek refuge in one of these culinary sanctuaries.
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Villa Song Saigon_2
Sailing into Saigon for business? Follow resident curator Dror Lam's guide to the city's top spots.
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Saigon’s wealth of shopportunity is far more than stuffy old silks, teak and rattan...
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