Hong Kong

Looking for Suzie Wong? Well, she’s dead, get over it.


This mile-a-minute metropolis reigns supreme as Asia’s essential shopping, dining and style destination. From wok-stars to Michelin stars, Hong Kong’s got it all and dim sum.

Full-on trad Cantonese food can be an acquired taste; you may wish to avoid the pork uterus casserole. Most high-end restos offer terrific value lunch sets, and while the no-res dining epidemic is in full swing, those tables that can be booked should be secured well in advance. 

November to March is blissfully spring-like, it’s wretchedly humid at all other times, especially typhoon season from July to October when you’ll need your towelling bra and hotpants.

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The following Cantonese phrase will come in handy...

Mm goy sigh : 

Thanks, ever so