Hong Kong

Looking for Suzie Wong? Well, she’s dead, get over it. Thankfully, this mile-a-minute metropolis is far from lifeless and reigns supreme as Asia’s essential shopping, dining and style destination. From wok-stars to Michelin stars, Hong Kong’s got it all and dim sum. Go on, dive into the Fragrant Harbour…

Latest in Hong Kong

Eat & Drink
A vampish vault for Japanese-Peruvian fusion from the team behind Pirata and The Optimist.
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The onset of damp and drizzle getting you down? Run for cover at these fab flop-spots.
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Joseph Bennett
A chat with the award-winning film set designer and Alexander McQueen collaborator while in Hong Kong.
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This chic, island-side sleeper is putting one of Hong Kong's lesser-known nabes in the spotlight.
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