Hong Kong

Looking for Suzie Wong? Well, she’s dead, get over it. Thankfully, this mile-a-minute metropolis is far from lifeless and reigns supreme as Asia’s essential shopping, dining and style destination. From wok-stars to Michelin stars, Hong Kong’s got it all and dim sum. Go on, dive into the Fragrant Harbour…

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Eat & Drink
New Punjab Club Hong Kong
A far cry from the trad late-night curry-in-a-hurry, these eateries represent a myriad of influences and flavours.
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If you like your ambles with a side of culture, walk this way.
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Founder of pre-loved fashion platform The Hula, Sarah chats to LUXE about sustainable fashion and her top finds in HK.
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Checking into the boutique flop spot paying homage to the city’s maritime history.
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