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Hello Gorgeous: Charlotte Tsuei, founder of Caelum Greene

September 07, 2020

Coffee table crunches, sofa sit-ups, bedside burpees… This is definitely the year of at-home workouts. If you’ve been getting your sweat on from home but could use a wardrobe refresh (goodbye, tattered old tees) – we caught up with Charlotte Tsuei, retail guru, certified yogi and founder of athleisure shop, Caelum Greene, to find out what’s new in the world of wellness.

You started Caelum Greene in 2016. What’s changed in the wellness industry since? 

The wellness industry has really matured over the last four years – from yoga and meditation studios, wellness and spa retreats to healthy eating and personal care. There are more local options and resources available to encourage physical and mental wellbeing. 

This is even reaching the corporate environment. For workplaces, we’re now partnering with companies and organisations to create classes and content for employees. It’s been a positive evolution. 

How has COVID-19 affected athleisure?

Through the pandemic, we’ve all had to make more conscious decisions to focus on health and well-being. Despite brick and mortar stores being closed in many parts of the world, there’s been a noticeable increase in fitness and wellness brands online. Brands like Nike and Lululemon have even seen stock price highs – plus, many best sellers on Amazon are athleisure products. We’ve been lucky to be less affected than many other sectors.

With more people working (and working out) from home due to COVID-19, what trends have you seen in Caelum Greene?

There’s been a surge in demand for yoga mats and blocks, water bottles and other accessories. Plus, people are opting for more cosy loungewear and transitional pieces instead of performance activewear. 

What are your personal picks from Caelum Greene for at-home workouts and staying in?

For home workouts, Daquini or Siva Active are my faves. I’ve also been getting back into my yoga practice, so my Manduka mat is essential.

For staying in, Joah Brown and Lanston are my go-to brands. The soft fabrics in the Joah Brown pieces make them perfect for lounging, and Lanston, while comfortable, is also smart enough for a Zoom call. 

Where are your favourite wellness spots in Asia and why?

Bali is my favourite wellness “everything” in Asia! I fell in love with the energy of the island 10 years ago during my yoga teacher training in Ubud. 

KAFE was my regular hangout, especially after a long day of training, as it offers the best vegan cuisine in Bali. For hotels, The Bulgari Resort in Uluwatu is stunning. What never ceases to amaze me is how the island residents, local or not, try to live at-one with Mother Nature. 

Back in Hong Kong where I’m usually based, I’d hit Iyara. It’s a reliable, no-fuss day spa that uses natural and organic products. 

What’s next for Caelum Greene?

We’re working on a project called the CG Apartment – a style-meets-sustainability concept. It’ll include a new range of homeware and expand on the fashion offering as a showroom pop-up. Through this, customers will be able to visualise and interact with a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Follow Caelum Greene on Instagram @caelumgreene for inspiration or check out their collections on caelumgreene.com.

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