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Hello Gorgeous: Kaye Dong of The New Moon

February 24, 2021

The days of wellness being ‘granola’ are long gone, especially with the launch of The New Moon, a brand new online platform that blends wellness, spirituality, beauty and self-care into a calm and luxurious e-shop and editorial experience. From crystals and candles to incense and gratitude journals, its founder Kaye Dong tells us about how the idea for The New Moon came about, her insider tips for Hong Kong and why she's a fan of solo travel.


What kind of traveller are you?

I'm definitely a culture vulture / soul searcher / rejuvenator. I like to seek out the best coffee shops, local food haunts, architectural hot spots and sacred sites. If the length of trip allows, I usually slip in a “slow” day where I sleep in, spend the day at the hotel and pamper myself with a massage.

kaye dong

 (Photo: Courtesy of Kaye Dong)

What are some of your travel essentials?  

My AirPods, Leica camera, planner/journal, pillow spray, Palo Santo and travel crystals.

How did you first become passionate about spirituality/wellness?

During my solo trip to Bhutan in 2015, I had a very deep and profound experience that completely opened up my world. It was like a calling, and I started to see and understand the connection between self-awareness and my ability to be powerfully in service of others. I have been guided ever since. To this day, I maintain a very simple but powerful practice of meditation and gratitude, which helps me stay present and keeps my heart and mind open.

Why did you decide to start The New Moon, and what do you hope to accomplish with it?

The New Moon is a highly curated online space that seeks to bring a sense of luxury and avant-garde style to the world of wellness, spirituality, beauty and self-care.  Our unique editorial proposition is global in outlook and our products are sharply curated with design and function in mind.

The New Moon recognises that everyone’s journey is a deeply personal and unique one and the light of The New Moon will shine differently for everyone. We hope to build a community that inspires women to discover their own path and purpose.  

What are some of your personal faves from The New Moon's online shop? 

Abalone shells are traditional vessels that accompany cleansing rituals, and ours are objects of art created exclusively for us in a custom collaboration with ceramicist Christina Liu, who handcrafts and custom glazes each individual piece. We love this slow and considered process and how it resonates with the manner in which you should sage your home: with time, care and intention. The abalone shells come in three sizes and can be used for your personal rituals or used to hold your jewellery and trinkets.


The New Moon abalone shells

(Photo: Courtesy of The New Moon) 

Bhutan was a solo trip for you – what do you enjoy most about travelling solo?

I love travelling with my husband and kids (most of the time) but since 2015, I’ve implemented an annual solo trip where I can focus on my own wants and needs.

Travelling solo allows me to dedicate time to myself, while enabling me to rediscover and reconnect with the person I was before I became a wife and mum. Experiencing the world on my own takes me out of my comfort zone and expands my perspectives on life. 


bhutan monks

(Photo: Courtesy of Kaye Dong)

What were some of your most memorable trips? 

I have many and for different reasons, but my favourite trips will definitely be the ones I spend with my family because that is when we bond and create lasting memories.  Our annual winter holidays to Niseko will always have a special place in my heart.

Favourite city in the world and why?

Hong Kong – I just adore this city and cannot imagine myself living anywhere else. Hong Kong is so multicultural and diverse. It’s a melting pot of East and West, old and new. The food is the best in the world and the people are so resilient. I feel alive when I’m in Hong Kong.

hong kong daytime

(Photo: Unsplash.com)

As a Hong Konger, what are three of your all-time favourite places?

The Mandarin Spa, because in my opinion, it is the epitome of Asian spa hospitality. Secondly, Tung Po Kitchen inside the North Point wet markets, because I love the atmosphere and the food. Even though it is frequented by tourists and expats, it’s still a pretty awesome and authentic Hong Kong dining experience. Lastly, Tai Kwun for the heritage, art, and cool coffee shops and restaurants.

Finally, what's left on your bucket list?

So many places! Sri Lanka, because I’m intrigued by its history and culture – this is a trip I'd do with friends. Tibet to visit the sacred sites – this is a trip I wouldn’t mind doing solo. And lastly, Tanzania to go on a safari and gorilla trekking – this is a trip I’d love to do with family.


Psst... The New Moon ships internationally...check it out at thenewmoon.com

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