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Talking Travel With... Alan See of The Armoury

November 04, 2020

Any list of Hong Kong’s most stylish gents would be amiss without the inclusion of Alan See, co-founder of men’s tailoring and fashion boutique, The Armoury. Having just celebrated its 10th anniversary, See tells us how he first discovered his passion for menswear, one of his most memorable trips, and his top spots in Hong Kong.

alan see the armoury

(Photo: @thearmouryhk/Instagram)

What kind of traveller are you?

I love adventuring and surfing and trying new things, but the romantic side of me also enjoys a quieter and more studied approach to the historical narrative of a city’s past.

What are some of your travel essentials?

A white shirt and a blue blazer always comes in handy. Other than that, the travel adaptor is a must for keeping all my tech gadgets charged.

How did you first become passionate about menswear?

I’d always been aware, but when I was preparing for my first job, the research that I did in order to get my first suit and jacket led me down this path – creating not only an appreciation of the product itself, but an emotional connection to the people and the story behind menswear and tailoring.

Where in the world, would you say, has the best men’s fashion?

For classic menswear, I would say that the old men in Naples would be the most comfortable with expressing themselves through their wardrobes. They have such ease and nonchalance about their style – they truly are masters.

alan see crew blue house

(Photo: @thearmouryhk/Instagram) 

Tips for gents to stay fashionable on the road? 

High-twist travel-friendly fabrics keep you looking sharp on the go with less ironing. Linens are also a beautiful and sophisticated material to wear. Whether it be a tailored fit or a more comfortable one, shirts and trousers keep you casual but elegant at the same time.

What are some new trends in menswear right now?

Proportions are always changing and with tailoring, we’ve swung from overly snug and short to a fuller and softer appearance again. It has also allowed the silhouettes to mix with the more casual and street pieces. 

What are your favourite menswear brands and why?

Antonio Liverano is one of my favourite tailors, who has more than fathered my style.  He has provided countless advice on business as well as tips on life itself.

What were some of your most memorable trips?

My father’s 70th birthday was an amazing and emotional connection within my family. Not only did my family come together from all over Asia to one place, but I think a lot of the pieces in life really came together on that trip.

star ferry hong kong

(Photo: Unsplash.com)

As a proud Hong Konger, what are your top three tips for seeing the city?

The Star Ferry is an amazing way to see both sides of Hong Kong, but also a beautifully tranquil ride to reflect. 

Walking around Mong Kok’s famous flower streets or bird park can give you a glimpse into the old world hustle and bustle of Hong Kong.  It really presents Hong Kong in a different perspective.

Hiking Dragon’s Back or any other hiking trails in Hong Kong can provide a view of the beauty of nature of Hong Kong. Besides the craziness of the city itself, some of the most amazing natural wonders of Asia are just minutes away.

Follow Alan See on Instagram @seealan and The Armoury @thearmouryhk

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