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Wellness Warrior: Steph Cuvelier of Calibrate Studios

December 10, 2020

“Mobility equals longevity,” says Steph Cuvelier, personal trainer and founder of Calibrate Studios, where she leads private and small group classes with a focus on mobility and rehabilitation. The former Hong Kong rugby player, NIKE trainer and HSBC wellness ambassador sits down with us to talk health and fitness, human anatomy and her top tips for living a healthy lifestyle in Hong Kong:

steph cuvelier

(Photo: @stephcuvelier/Instagram)

How did you first get into health and fitness?

I've always been active growing up, playing sports with my family, but I didn't really get into health and fitness properly until I went to university to study Exercise Physiology. 

What is your current specialty as a personal trainer?

I specialise in joint mobility and exercise rehabilitation. We normally focus on big (compound) exercises to develop whole body strength, but I see so many individuals capable of lifting heavy loads who struggle to lift up their own leg with control (end range strength). 

I like to focus on the smaller, individual movements in order to link them up with the compound work, in order to educate individuals about how our bodies are designed and the specific functions of human anatomy! Ultimately, mobility equals longevity, which is why this is the type of training I promote.

What are your daily health and wellness rituals?

Move daily, eat well, stay hydrated, prioritise sleep and practice daily gratitude. I remind myself daily that "health" doesn't only encompass the physical body—it is super important to acknowledge your mental, emotional and also spiritual health as well.

What does your week of workouts look like?

I walk every day and training-wise, I lift weights 2-3 times per week, with two heavy lifting days and one mobility-based strength day. Outside of that, I do some form of cardio-based training (such as interval running) 1-2 times per week, and also practice yoga 3-5 times per week. 

Your go-to healthy eateries in Hong Kong?

For a quality salad, GREAT Food Hall. For sit down meals, I love Reaction Coffee Roasters in Happy Valley! I almost always get a long black coffee along with either their mushroom omelette or Degrees 220 (grilled chicken and salad). I also love Blend & Grind for a great coffee, fresh juice or smoothie. Last but certainly not least, I enjoy eating my plant-based meals at Treehouse.

Three tips on staying healthy in Hong Kong? 

1) Walk! Hong Kong is such a small city, so if you have time to spare, get your steps in while you run your errands, rather than taking a taxi or driving everywhere. 

2) Moderate your eating habits. Hong Kong is also known for their quality foodie culture. Things might look "healthy" or advertised as such, but they often aren't actually that great for you. Know what you're eating, but also don't starve yourself and go 100% in the other direction. Balance is key! 

3) Explore your local neighbourhood for gyms or outdoor training groups. There are so many bootcamps around your local parks, it's just a matter of finding one that suits you! I often find that the community that you surround yourself with can really influence and/or help you on your journey to better health.

Follow Steph Cuvelier on Instagram at @stephcuvelier

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