Kuala Lumpur

A riot of rich heritage, diverse culture, fashion and art.


With glittering minarets, Hindu and Buddhist temples vying for space among the ultra-mod skyline and tropicana, KL reveals manifold delights. Just be sure to pack a hearty appetite. 

Slip off your shoes before entering someone’s home. Opt for decent attire in places of worship: faux-fur knix – nay; head-covering shawl – yay. 

There’s one prevailing weather type here: hot and humid. Pack/dress light unless you like a moist moment. 

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24 Hours in Kuala Lumpur

How to see the best of the city's design-centric destinations in just 24 hours.

The following Malay phrase will come in handy...

Apa khabar? : 

How goes it?