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Hello Gorgeous: Abigail James, Skincare Guru to the Stars

April 29, 2020

Results-driven bespoke facials are the go-to at Abigail James, London’s top skincare guru whose magic hands and expert pummels promise radiant, rejuvenated skin. Available at the five-star luxury Beaumont Spa in Mayfair London, her treats come highly recommended by industry insiders.

Find out how Abigail keeps her skin glowing, plump and lifted – plus tips on how to set up your own skincare routine at home. 

What's your at-home skincare and beauty routine like?

I never skip my morning and evening routine. In the mornings, I always massage with a cleanser, apply two different serums, a moisturiser and SPF. In the evenings, I cleanse and either apply two serums or one serum and an oil.

I also do some sort of at-home peel or hydrating mask at least once a week, and throw in some facial massage as and when I can. 

Do you follow a special diet for good skin?

Not specifically for the skin, but for all-around health, which then benefits the skin as a whole. I try to follow a healthy diet that’s low in gluten, dairy and refined sugars, no caffeine and with lots of proteins, nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables and healthy oils, with an occasional treat now and then. We all need treats!

What beauty products can't you live without?

A gentle face wash from iS Clinical.

The most popular treatment that you offer?

My award-winning Wow Factor Facial, which can be anywhere from 60 minutes to two hours long as it is totally bespoke. It includes hands-on massage, the use of different technology, serums, masks and methods depending on what the skin needs.

Your #1 tip for glowing skin?

You need a skincare routine! One product won't achieve the results you want, and it really does take a regular daily routine.

Your favourite beauty/wellness trend at the moment?

At-home facials, featuring plenty of massage! Here are a few tutorials to start with: Take The Day Off Facial Massage and Anti-Ageing Face Lifting Massage

A quote you live by, and why?

“Poco a poco…” My mother told me about this as she’d lived in Spain for many years. It means “little by little” and reminds me to slow down. I am guilty of always pushing myself too hard, and this quote reminds me that there’s no need to rush or stress – everything has its time and place.

Your favourite travel destinations?

Oh wow, there are so many places I’ve been and so many places yet to explore. I love Marrakesh for its bohemian bustle and Venice just amazes me with its beautiful architecture. I love the beaches and islands of the Seychelles, Ibiza and Mallorca, while Paris and Amsterdam are beautiful too. 

Where are you planning to go next? 

Flights may be something we’re all a little more cautious of after Covid-19, but I would love to go somewhere peaceful near the sea – being near water makes me feel calm. It might be the British coast, Cornwall or perhaps somewhere like Corsica. I also have this need to visit Costa Rica and Sri Lanka!

Follow Abigail James on Instagram @abigailjames1 for more skincare tips!

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