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Hello Gorgeous: Georgia Dant, founder of Marfa Stance

July 29, 2020

As slow fashion rises in popularity, Georgia Dant, founder of sustainable label Marfa Stance, dishes on her world of coats, knitwear, hoodies and jumpers that are setting the standard for a guilt-free wardrobe. 

According to Georgia, sustainable clothing is something that “can be worn in multiple ways, evolve and be updated each season with new buildable elements so it always feels new and doesn't need to be replaced.” Get to know the transatlantic globestrutter and designer as we delve into her past, present and future with Marfa Stance:

How did you get started in fashion?

I studied fashion in London, focusing on menswear design. After graduation, I wasn't sure which area of fashion to work in, so I went straight to New York to find out. After a few years, I ended up back in London as an assistant designer at Burberry, where I stayed for almost seven years! It was here that I found my passion for functional yet beautifully-made luxury clothing.

How has travel affected your brand?

As a former transatlantic commuter, I was looking for clothing that could be adaptable across different climates, functional across different temperatures and versatile for travel. 

Personally, when travelling from hot and sunny NYC to cold and rainy London, I needed just one functional yet luxurious jacket that I could wear in different ways—a piece that could work in warm or cool weather that was lightweight and packable without creasing.

After a year of development and testing, our Signature Reversible Quilt was born! With climate change affecting weather so severely these days, I wanted to create buildable accessories with style that could evolve across seasons.

How did your sustainability story start with Marfa Stance?

Recognising that the fashion industry is responsible for so many detrimental environmental problems, I knew sustainable design, sourcing eco and ethical supply chains was key—so I decided to create products that are designed for longevity.

My pieces can be worn in multiple ways, evolve and be updated each season with new buildable elements so it always feels new and doesn't need to be replaced.

You have spoken about ‘slow fashion’ before, what does this mean to you?

From a creative perspective, it means taking the time to design considered, meaningful and beautiful products that are solutions-led, seasonless and timeless, rather than swiftly moving onto the next collection. 

From a manufacturing perspective, slow fashion means giving our artisans the time to carefully and skillfully create and finish the garments—focusing on the quality of the item, instead of quantity or speed. Too much emphasis is put on newness, in our opinion.

Why did you choose Italy as your fashion home? 

My driving ethos when creating Marfa Stance was to build a meaningful brand with positive, sustainable and ethical values at our core. This passion for design, respect for people and unrivalled quality is an intrinsic part of Italian manufacturing. We partner with family-run businesses that actively support their highly-skilled local artisans. It is the tradition and culture of quality that I love to share with my customers.

What inspires you about Italy?

So much! The country itself, the pace of life, the creativity, the incredible cities, countryside, beaches, food, wine and the Italian passion… The list goes on and on!

How will your initiatives change now that the world is a different place than it was a year ago?

If anything, our values and initiatives have been reinforced by recent events. Our brand was built around authentic and personal stories, and we have learnt to take more of an open approach with communication, by putting a face to a name and sharing our creative process—from start to finish.

Last month, we donated 25% of our proceeds to Refuge UK, a charity supporting women and children fighting against domestic abuse, which, due to the pandemic and lockdown had calls to the service up 66% in the last month alone. 

This month, we are championing a cause in San Zenone degli Ezzelini, the small Italian town where our coats are made. Twenty percent of all Trench Coat sales will be donated to those hardest hit by the global pandemic, in this itty-bitty 8,000 populace town. The mayor will distribute the money directly to the worst affected families in the area. Plus our family-run manufacturers will continue to supply all the local hospitals with PPE clothing and masks, so it's a real community effort.

Check out Georgia’s sustainable fashion brand at Marfa Stance and follow them on Instagram @marfastance

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