A right bobby dazzler who hides her bright shining light firmly under her demure bushel.


Chilled and creative, Melbourne's all about food, fashion and design, but most of her best bits are secreted away down little lanes and behind unmarked entrances. 

Coffee is more hotly debated than politics or sport. Good baristas can get paid more than bankers in this cuppa-crazed town. Strong means two shots; skinny is skim, and asking for decaf or caramel flavouring in anything will likely get you a milk frothing wand to the eye.

Melbourne has spring, summer, autumn and winter almost every day. Three words: learn to layer. To be safe, pack a brolly, hat, sunscreen and shades; if in doubt, don the city’s default black.

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An Aussie phrase that may endear you to Melburnians...

How ya going? : 

Hello / How are you?