New York

Iconic, majestic, grand, kitsch, the tops, the bottoms, the kit and the kaboodle.


NY is one huge and mercurial melting pot. Fashion forward, status conscious, food and culture epicentric, exasperating, exhilarating and never, ever out of vogue.

Tipping etiquette: in restaurants and cafes, adding 15-20% works, in bars add a dollar per drink. If the service really sucks don’t tip, but be prepared to explain yourself and/or run fast. Check that a service charge hasn’t been added before tipping (usually done for group bookings).

Autumn and spring are blissful and Christmas is magical; winter can be brutal and summer can be sweltering, but there is, in fact, no bad time to visit.

From Our Editors

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Meet the Editor: Peter J Frank, New York

Tried-and-true New Yorker Peter shares his love for his home city.

A phrase that you will hear frequently...

Can I help you? : 

You look too poor to shop here and I have no interest in helping you now, or ever.