Ravishing La Ville-Lumière is understandably regarded as the most beautiful city in Europe.


While Paris can be sweet and coquettish, she can also be a snooty grande dame. We've taken her over our knee and she's promised to behave – so crack open a bottle, it's champagne time for Loulou.

Take care, loos often have timed light switches that can leave you scrabbling in the dark with your knicks round your ankles.

There's no bad time to visit Paris, though bear in mind that during peak spring season the city is swamped and for the month of August the entire population goes on holiday, or so it seems.

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Picasso's Hotspots in Paris

Explore the city via the bars, restaurants and cafes frequented by ol' Pablo.

Start with this French phrase...

S’il vous plaît / Merci : 

Please / Thanks a bunch