She's got more secrets than the Pope (and a much better wardrobe).


Roma wasn't built in one day, and you'll need more than a couple to peel back all those gorgeous layers. We've picked out all best bits so all you have to do is hop into your Alfa, Romeo...

Do: Bring small change; 1 and 2 euro coins go a long way with tips, and paying for a cappuccino.

Don't: Go to bed early. The later you stay up, the more of the Grande Bellezza you'll discover.

Rome is saturated with visitors on all major holidays, particularly religious ones; the best times to visit are autumn and spring. Jul-Aug broils, the population flees en masse and the city all but shuts.

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You will only need the following Italian phrase...

Per favore / Grazie / Prego : 

Please / Ta / You’re welcome