São Paulo

A sprawling concrete jungle of gridlocked traffic, São Paulo may not boast the obvious allures of sexy sis Rio, but scratch beneath her drab veneer and you'll find an unsung wonder humming with cutting-edge cuisine, non-stop nightlife, diverse cultural influence, and street art like nowhere else. Vamos lá!

Latest in São Paulo

A whopping, titanic temple to cutting-edge design with all the requisite quirky trimmings.
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Eat & Drink
Beluga, São Paulo. Photo: Jõao Bertholini
Brazil’s golden balls and where to savour them.
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Sassy sib Rio might have the looks, but low-key Sampa is teeming with culture, street art and cutting-edge cuisine.
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Choque Cultural – More than just graffiti, sweetie
Contempo gallery set in a striking converted house in hip nabe Pinheiros.
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