Choque Cultural, São Paulo: More Than Just Graffiti, Sweetie

Since rocketing onto the scene in the 90s, São Paulo has cemented its rep as one of the world’s most exciting art hubs, with more graffiti splashed across its streets than you can shake a spray can at.

But the city’s eye-popping urban art is no longer its only draw – creativity, innovation and political agenda are swiftly being translated to the canvas, with even the likes of OsGemeos moving indoors. One of the pioneers of this evolution is contempo gallery Choque Cultural (Culture Shock), set in a striking converted house in hip nabe Pinheiros, and bearing the flag for local, young talent since 2004. There’s also an excellent showcase of established names, including mashed up Pop Art by Daniel Melim, trippy scrawls by Tec, and conceptual installations by Bijari… So get ready to get spendy!

That said, you’d be mad as a box of frogs not to take in some authentic alfresco graffiti while you’re there, so just hop around the corner to find Beco do Batman (Batman Alley) on Rua Gonçalo Afonso, a winding wonder of vibrant walls daubed with jaw-dropping artwork.

Choque Cultural, Rua Medeiros de Albuquerque, 250, Pinheiros, São Paulo, +55 11 3061 4051,


Chloe Jessica Payne

After spells spent in Mexico, Madrid, Lyon, São Paulo and Hong Kong, Chloe now lives in London with her husband and two muddy mongrels and is currently planning trips to Bruges, Paris, Alaska, SoCal, Romania and Reykjavik. 

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