Hotel Emiliano, São Paulo: The Epitome of Swank

‘Get to the chopper!’ – A line immortalised by Arnie, and one you may well find yourself using (with just a hint of glee) at this swankiest of all São Paulo stays, the Emiliano.

Indeed, one of the Emiliano’s most defining features – aside from its prime posi on chic shopping strip Oscar Freire, designer furny from Campana to Eames, top-notch brunch spot, and hush-hush spa with yoga terrace, d'oh – is the rooftop helicopter pad, a traffic-defying 30-min flight from the international airport.

Once you've tamed your 'copter mane, lay your head on Hungarian goose-down and Egyptian cotton bedding in one of their discreet, soft-carpeted, cream and blond wood suites, tricked out with unrivalled comp. perks including a wine stash, fruit and fresh pastries, suit-pressing, take-home Havaianas, 15min in-spa massage, and Santa Pele amenities customisable to tetchy T-zones or parched coifs at check-in. With such 5-star pampering, the only struggle will be returning to the real world, sigh...

Also keep your peepers peeled for the Emiliano Rio, launching at the tail-end of 2015. Opa!

Emiliano, Rua Oscar Freire, 384, Jardins, São Paulo. +55 11 3068 4399,

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Chloe Jessica Payne

After spells spent in Mexico, Madrid, Lyon, São Paulo and Hong Kong, Chloe now lives in London with her husband and two muddy mongrels and is currently planning trips to Bruges, Paris, Alaska, SoCal, Romania and Reykjavik. 

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