Once the ‘Land of the Morning Calm’, the Korean capital is now anything but.


She’s packed with a panoply of treats tucked inside, between, under and above the traddy hanoks and glitzy skyscrapers.

When meeting Seoulites, note that your age will be the first topic of conversation – be prepared to divulge, or tactfully dodge the question

There are four distinct seasons: winter (Dec-Feb) is icy, dry and hazy; spring can be windy and dusty, but with bloomin’ marvellous blossoms; summer (Jun-Aug) is steamy and wet; autumn months are foliage fabulous and clear. Skiing season runs Dec-April.

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Seoul Is The New Tokyo – Here’s Why

Five reasons you should get to the South Korean capital (before everyone else does).

The following Korean phrase will come in handy...

Annyeong haseyo : 

Hello there