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Get to Know: Ines Cho, LUXE Seoul Editor

March 31, 2021

High-speed and hyper-connected, Seoul is undoubtedly one of Asia's hottest city-break destinations. But before you book a sneaky weekend trip, get to know our LUXE Seoul editor, Ines Cho, who can give you the in's and out's of what to do in the Korean capital.

Where are you from, originally?

I was born in Korea but left for Japan at four years old. I went to the US at 14 and later studied in the UK before returning to Korea. My job as a fashion stylist, creative director, and journalist has luckily taken me all over the world!

What’s the best thing about living in Seoul? 

The efficiency! The city is so high-tech and safe. I especially love the freedom and privacy I have when driving around in my car.

Your favourite places in Seoul and why? 

The good ol' Grand Hyatt – it's one of the oldest hotels in Seoul, but there's something about its old-school ambiance that keeps it classy.

If the weather's nice, be sure to experience the Gangbuk Express along the Han River – and bring your favourite music. The ever-changing view is spectacular and I can assure you that Seoul will become yours through the music. If you're happy in the heart, it can double the joy, and if you're broken-hearted, nothing is more soothing. 

One of my latest faves is the new Mondrian Hotel, which offers many IG-friendly spots and branded shops catering to Gen Z. 

mondrian hotel seoul

(Photo: Mondrian Hotel)

What's your best trip ever? 

A boat ride along Haeundae Beach in Busan on a sunny afternoon. The boat itself is far from fancy but the view of the country's swankiest marine city can make your day – that is, if you're not scared of seagulls coming at you. Busan offers amazing seafood and Korean beef. To get to Busan, take the super clean and spacious First Class carriage on Korea's fastest bullet train. 

Your absolute favourite place in the world? 

I'm not sure if I've experienced enough to have an "absolute favourite", but one of my most treasured travel memories is eating a rock-hard sandwich in Paris right underneath the Eiffel Tower. I also loved admiring the custom-made bath products in the outskirts of Bali, Indonesia, and dreaming of designing my own world-class bathroom and swimming pool. Inspiration is everywhere!

What’s next on your bucket list? 

To learn how to fly a small airplane!

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