Shanghai's stunning transformation from colonial backwater to space-age super city is breathtaking.


Add world-renowned chefs, sparkly nightlife plus a thriving art and design scene and you can get ready to be totally Shanghaied.

Not only is spitting still a keen hobby here, but you will be pushed, shoved and elbowed out of the way – simply take a deep breath and smile politely.

The best times to visit weather-wise are April-May and late Sep-mid Nov. June is rainy; July and August roast, while Dec-Mar are colder than Wintour’s icy gaze.

From Our Editors

Sharon Leece

Meet the Editor: Sharon Leece, Shanghai

Design guru Sharon Leece leads us through her city

The following Mandarin (Putonghua) phrase will come in handy...

Nee how / Zai je-an : 

Shang-Hi / Shang-Bye