Asia’s poster gal for prim and proper hit the big 5-0 with pizzazz, and she’s never looked better.


This dynamic cougar remains lusciously green, super efficient and refreshingly clean. But lest you forget, Singapore is also a saucy melting pot of fantastic food, retail and culture, so go on put your head right into this big pussy’s jaws.

Cabs are comfortable, but vanish in rain and peak hours, most take credit cards. The ERP road toll system means you will be subjected to fare add-ons during peak hours. The island-wide MRT is admirably fast and efficient – perfect for when taxis are scarce as hen’s teeth.

There are two types of weather here: wretchedly hot and humid or wretchedly hot, humid and raining. Have a packaway umbrella with you at all times, plus a towelling bra, absorbent underpants, sunnies and plenty of talcum powder. You have been warned 

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Andrea Seifert

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