When the sun shines, which it very often does, the emerald city of Sydney in the fabled land of Oz is stunning.


Pale blonde sands, blue skies and glistening bodies of water backdrop an embarrassment of fabulous food, shopping and outdoor activities, and it's easy to see why other cities turn green with envy. So, go on, you big hunk o' spunk, get in there...

It is risky to try and drown yourself just for the sake of being rescued by a strapping lifeguard. If, however, you are drowning, Bondi has the best looking ones.

There’s really no bad time to visit. Dec-Jan is summery, hot n’ happenin’; Feb can be moist; Mar-May is clear and blissful; Jul-Aug gets nippy, but has blue skies.

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The LUXE Top 10 in Sydney

Rolling out the first of our Top 10 city lists as chosen by you, our LUXE lovelies.

An Australian phrase that may be of use...

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