Eccentric, bizarre, at once deeply conventional and completely unconventional, Tokyo is a brainblast of culture shock and delightful discovery.


Add grand slam dining and design and you'll soon find yourself having the most fascinating and fun adventures possible with your clothes on. Kimono-ver here and sake to me.

Do: Make a vending machine purchase. Situated on just about every corner, these convenient units are stocked with everything from sweets, canned coffee and green tea to books and video games. Just remember: eating and drinking on the go is a no-no. 

There are four distinct seasons: Jun-Sep is hot and wet, autumn is clement, spring is blossom-ravishing, and winter bone-chilling.

From Our Editors

Tokyo by Bike

Tokyo by Bicycle

Throw your leg over a bike and you'll double the sightseeing you can achieve on foot.

This Japanese phrase will come in handy...

Konnichiwa : 

Well, hello, miso happy to meet you