Eccentric, bizarre, at once deeply conventional and completely unconventional, Tokyo is a brainblast of culture shock and delightful discovery. Add a grand-slam dining and design scene and you'll soon find yourself having the most fascinating and fun adventures possible – with your clothes on. Kimono-ver here and sake to me. 

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Eat & Drink
Blue Note Tokyo
Here's our foot-tapping hot list on the most stylish jazz joints in town.
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The Nippon capital’s first luxury ryokan is a triumph in tatami-lined tranquility.
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Ameshin Tokyo
Get a sense of the Nippon capital's history in this culture-crammed north-eastern pocket of the city.
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Dover Street Market
Refined, cutting-edge and delightfully bonkers, the Tokyo retail experience never fails to enchant fashion and travel blogger Suzanne Delahunty.
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