Here today, gondola tomorrow…


Escaping the Dralon hordes and branded billboards of this crumbling lagoon jewel can be challenging, but venture beyond the centre into her winding waterways and labyrinthine alleys, and you’ll be handsomely rewarded.

Street numbers are confusingly assigned by sestieri, ask for the street name, landmark or closest Campo.

Apr-May and Oct have the best weather, but Venetians love tourist-free Jan when it’s foggy and wet one day and clear the next, though many restos and shops shut. Acqua Alta or ‘high water’ occurs Nov-Feb – pack your Pucci gumboots. Prepare to be herded like cattle Mar-Nov.

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5 Ways to Avoid the Venice Crowds

Our tips for sidestepping the masses and getting your La Serenissima on in relative P&Q.

This Venetian phrase will come in handy...

Per piasse / Grassie : 

Pretty please / Ta