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Doughnut Vault, Chicago: ‘Nuff Said

Whipping by the Windy City and wondering why everyone’s gone bonkers for doughnuts? If so (and even if not), pop by The Doughnut Vault…

This brick-chic hole in the wall on Chicago’s North Side sells hundreds of handmade doughnuts to hordes of busy locals every day – obviously, this is not your neighbourhood Dunkin’ Donuts. Instead, you get home-style classics like buttermilk old fashioned and chocolate glazed, alongside knock-your-socks-off chestnut glazed, gingerbread with cinnamon frosting, and daily specials that have in the past included diet-destroying toppings like the double chocolate, coconut cream, and pumpkin spice.

If you plan to swing by for some hole-some goodness, we reckon you’d better follow @DoughnutVault on Twitter to be safe. Why? Because you’ll get to-the-minute updates like “Out of chocolate, out of vanilla, dozen chestnut left” and “70 people in line, red velvet is the special!” In other words, whatever the weather, arrive early!

Doughnut Vault, 401 N Franklin St, River North, Chicago.

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