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Frau Tonis Parfum, Berlin: Aroma-Therapy

Sniff out some scent-uous bespoke blends at Berlin’s original Frau of fine fragrances.

In a world where perfumes are known for their celebrity endorsements and packaging, it’s easy to forget that fragrances should be about personal style and taste. Frau Tonis Parfum in Berlin is a fresh reminder.

Step into its minimalist, lab-white boutique in Mitte, the city’s undisputed epicentre of hip, and you’ll find an array of simple glass flacons lining the shelves, and thankfully, not a nose- (or consciousness-) assaulting Paris Hilton, J-Lo, or tween-centric bottle in sight.

Instead you’ll discover more than 20 scents, such as lily of the valley, jasmine and Marlene Dietrich’s fave violet, all made in Berlin. But the best thing is, if nothing strikes the right note (geddit?), these olfactory angels can make you a custom blend, and they’ll keep the details on file when you’re ready for a refill. And if ol’ grumpelstiltskin complains about your shopping, grab him an aftershave or eau de cologne and talk some scents into him.

Frau Tonis, Zimmerstraße, 13, Mitte, Berlin. +49 30 202 153 10,

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